All Natural Health Enterprises Affiliates agree to these simple terms and conditions by submitting their enrollment:

  • You must be of an age that is legal for conducting business activities in your jurisdiction.


  • You will not SPAM anyone (send unsolicited email to people who are not already your friends and associates) to introduce them to our program.


  • You understand that there is are some minor fees deducted from commissions each calendar month: up to $3 by Natural Health Enterprises, and a small transaction charge per sale by the affiliate tracking service. 


  • You will not make false claims or exaggerated representations regarding our program, the earnings possibilities as an Affiliate, or the benefits of any of our products. You may repeat only what we say in our descriptions.


  • You are an independent affiliate and NOT an employee or agent of Natural Health Enterprises. You are not authorized to enter an agreement with a third party that obligates Natural Health Enterprises to any commitment.


  • You realize that some of the physical products presented through our program are available only in the United States or North America.


  • You hold Natural Health Enterprises harmless from any liability in regard to your using our websites or engaging in our program.


  • You may lose your Affiliate status for violating any of these Terms and Conditions, subject to reasonable consideration on our part.


  • You may cancel your participation at any time. Any Rewards due that you have not received will be paid shortly after.


  • These Terms & Conditions may be amended at any time with email notice to the Affiliate.

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